Bay St. Louis

It is hard to find an American town more steeped in ritual and design than Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. It is a charming town located on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  A community that is close knit and well worn through both time and challenges. The people of Bay St. Louis thrive on Art and its creation. Antique shops and Art Galleries line Main Street. Plus, there is the Old Train Depot that will hopefully see passenger trains once again. You don't want to miss the local city pond that offers a Duck crossing. A visit to Bay St. Louis is like taking a trip back to the time of steamboats and toddies on the front porch. Although becoming a more modern city, Bay St. Louis has fought hard to keep its historic architectural design and polish. This dedication to preservation has served the landscape and community well. Old Town Bay St Louis Guide Old Town Bay St Louis Restaurants and Cafes Here are a few other guides to the Old Town Bay St Louis area. Old Town Bay St Louis Antique Guide Old Town Vintage Shopping Guide Old Town Art Shopping Guide Old Town Bay St Louis Virtual Tour Guide Depot District in Old Town  Coffee In Bay St Louis