Baskets of Flowers Line the Streets of Ocean Springs

Flowers fill the hanging baskets in Ocean Springs Mississippi

This weekend we strolled through Washington Avenue area of Ocean Springs Mississippi. Ocean Springs is such a beautiful city filled with shops and restaurants. This weekend the hanging baskets were plum full of purple, yellow, and orange flowers. These flowers only enhanced the charm and beauty of Ocean Springs.

Flowers in shop plaza in Ocean Springs.

Many shops and restaurants also add to the bright mix of flowers by creating small outdoor flower gardens. It is refreshing to see the color choices and careful placement of each flower type.


I think these flowers were among my favorite in downtown Ocean Springs. Great yellow flowers highlighted by a sea of green foliage. If you get a chance to visit Ocean Springs be sure to check out the flowers and landscaping done in the downtown area. It is fabulous. 

Ocean Springs Welcome Train on Coastal 90

Even the welcome train in Ocean Springs has great landscaping. All the landscaping really makes this town shine.



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