Why I Love the MS Beaches in the Spring

I love the Mississippi beaches in the spring for many reasons. The spring is the perfect weather for going to the beach, because it is just right. The sand is nice and warm on my bare feet; everything is perfect for relaxation. I enjoy going to the beach to do one thing I seldom get the peace and quiet to do: I go and read a book. I just escape reality for a few hours while I bask in the rays. There is really nothing not to like about the beach in the Spring.

The coast is so beautiful with its mystery and spirit.
The coast is so beautiful with its mystery and spirit.

For avid adventurers, the beach offers so many activities and Spring just brings us the perfect temperature to enjoy them. The first volleyball game of Spring is really the start to everything. What fun it is to get a huge group of people together to go attack the sandy shores of the Mississippi beaches to play volleyball!

When I’m on the beach, I feel free to let my mind go free from the responsibilities of the real world. The beach takes every problem and nagging thought out of my mind. I kick back, yes, I just kick back and bury my toes in the sand. It really is such a relaxing place and, once the night sky blankets the sand in darkness, I am truly in my happy place. For me, there is nothing that can challenge the sounds of the tide crashing against the shore while staring at the infinite blackness that is space. Staring up into the stars just contemplating what could be out there, challenging my brain to think outside of the box on what could be happening on some distant planet similar to earth or maybe completely different.

Watching the moon drop over the water, seeming as if it is almost touching the water is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. When I’m on the beaches of Mississippi during Spring, especially at night, I feel a sense of peace that everything will be OK.  Loving the beaches only during Spring is not enough for me: I love the beaches year round! The sunburn that comes after is worth it every single time, just for what the beach can make me feel.

It is amazing how well the infrastructure has been made from Waveland to Bay St. Louis. There is a walking path along the beach the entire way.  Many people will park in Waveland and walk to Bay St. Louis.  Get out to the Mississippi beaches this spring and enjoy the sand from Biloxi Beach to Gulfport and from Long Beach to Waveland.