When will the fishing pier open in Waveland?

The fishing pier has been closed since Hurricane Issac. It was damaged by the storm and the resulting storm surge. There are plans to get the pier up and running as soon as possible. There have been some problems with calculating the actual damages caused by the pier. The engineering firm assigned to fixing this dilema is quickly working to resolve all outstanding issues.

Garfield Ladner Waveland pier is backdrop for kite surfer practicing

Once the pier is up and running, the Garfield Ladner pier will be the best fishing pier on the coast of Mississippi. From this pier it is common to catch red fish, trout, sharks, flounder, crabs and even an occasional sea turtle. (Sea Turtles require reporting to authorities) They need to evaluate before release.

The pier has restroom facilities and lights. There is no diving, swimming, cast netting or crab pots allowed on the pier. You can use crab nets.