The Duck Pond


Bay Saint Louis Duck Pond is a great park for family fun.
The Duck Pond By the Train Depot in Old Town Bay St. Louis

Bay St. Louis did a wonderful job making a wide open area into a sweet spot.  The Duck Pond is phenomenal!  Kids and adults both love to come here.  There are benches and swings around to relax and watch the ducks play.  If you want to be more involved, the ducks love to be fed.  The park includes a great water crossing bridge complete with a small waterfall type scene. I know many an hour will be spent enjoying this wonderful scene set in the heart of Old Town.

Ducks under benches in Bay St. Louis Duck pond park area. The Duck pond is located in Old Town Bay St. Louis.

Palm trees line the edge of the duck pond in Bay St Louis

A mallard gets ready for a paddle in the Bay St. louis Duck pond.

This duck clearly is heard saying WHATCHA LOOKING AT

Ducks use the grass for shade near the Duck Pond in BSL Mississippi.

Bridge that crosses duck pond in Bay St. Louis park in Old Town.

Feeding the ducks in Bay St. Louis park.

Mom and son hang out at Bay St. Louis Duck Ponds

Duck Crossing sign near duck pond in Bay Saint Louis Mississippi

Bay St. Louis light pole overlooks Duck pond in Old Town.




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