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Old Bay St. Louis Restaurant and Cafe Choices

Dining Restaurant and Cafe Options in Old Town Bay St. Louis, MS
Today, there are a more dining choices available now in Old Town Bay St. Louis Mississippi. In the near future, there will be more and more restaurants opening across the Old Town area of the Bay. The Old Town area of Bay St Louis is really undergoing a huge rebirth and new businesses are moving in all the time. Most Old Town Bay St. Louis buildings and offices are now occupied with shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Cuisine choices in Old Town have been mainly focused on local seafood, Cafe Style treats and historic dishes. Many of the local restaurants serve up great Gulf fish and shrimp dishes.

Looking for A Restaurant in Bay St. Louis with something fried and tasty to satisfy that Southern Craving?

Look for several restaurants to serve local Fired Trout, Fried Drum and Fried Flounder platters.

Often cafes in Old Town will Serve up generous portions of fries or potato salad with a great grilled burger or sandwich. There is even a gourmet Hot Dog stand located in Old Town.

Bay St. Louis Cafes – Old Town

Bay St. Louis Restaurants – Old Town

Sycamore House
200 North Beach

We are excited at the prospect of additional dining opportunities in Old Town Bay St. Louis. Keep checking back on baystlouis.coastal90.com for more information. 

Sloppy Dog’s Cafe Opens In Waveland MS


Old Town Bay St. Louis Hot Dog Stand

Sloppy Dog’s Cafe is a masterpiece in Hot Dog dining. This restaurant has mastered a food that I think should have its own place in the food pyramid.

I am heading to the sloppy dog for lunch today. It is easy to find and is located in Waveland off Hwy 90.

Sloppy Dog’s Cafe

  • 308 Highway 90
  • Waveland, Mississippi 39576

This is small family run restaurant that takes extreme pride in delivering a great experience at a resonable price. There is a wide selection of dogs and weiners on the menu; something for everyone.

The Chicago Dog is my favorite. It has a Natural Casing All Beef Dog with Sport Peppers, Neon Relish, Tomato Wedges, Onions, Mustard, Crunch Pickle Spear and Celery Salt. The dogs are hot and the buns are moist. The food is prepared as you wait and the service has been excellent.

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