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In Search of the Best Hamburger on the Mississippi Coast

On my search for the best hamburger on the Gulf Coast, I stumbled upon The Blind Tiger, a restaurant nestled up against the harbor in Bay St. Louis. As soon as I arrived in the restaurant I was greeted with a wonderful and eclectic atmosphere. My bubbly waitress, Smash, recommended the “Eastwood Burger.” She assured me that it would not disappoint. I had been dreaming of eating a great burger all day; I did not want to be let down.  I waited for a few minutes, eyeing the water and people watching. The Blind Tiger is a mix of young and old, salty and sweet. It is the kind of place that a great burger could come from. The place really did not have a formal menu, they just sort of put up what they feel like making today. Great concept.

Searching for the best hamburger on the Mississippi Gulf coast.
Searching for the best hamburger on the Mississippi Gulf coast.

During the short wait while the chef was preparing my meal, I took the time to look at all the pictures and decorations all over the walls. Through the windows on either side of the restaurant you can see the streets of Bay St. Louis or the tide of the Gulf of Mexico. The Blind Tiger is the kind of place you can hang out and grab a drink with friends or bring a promising business acquaintance.

I didn’t have to wait long before this triumph of meat appeared before me. This chargrilled work of art is topped with cheddar, Monterey Jack cheese, caramelized onions, all stacked up on two buttery sesame seed buns. At first glance this burger lived up to it’s impressive name: a rough tough burger that is not to be taken lightly.

Gripping the burger, I found myself savoring every bite of the gigantic burger. The flavors of the patty were complimented well by all the toppings. This burger was no ordinary burger; it was in my opinion THE burger of the Gulf Coast, and I wished this burger would have never come to an end. I later learned that the burger was a handmade patty from fresh ground meat.

I couldn’t thank the wonderful Smash enough for recommending this burger to me; I couldn’t have asked for a better, more well- prepared lunch. The atmosphere was inviting; the tunes were grovey, and the food was amazing. Be sure to grab plenty of napkins when consuming this burger masterpiece at the one-of-a-kind restaurant, The Blind Tiger.

A journal by: Joseph J. Fleming IV