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Lilli and the Animal Hospital of Diamondhead

I want to tell you about my vet and his office staff.  I am an animal person, specifically cats.  And, as anyone with pets knows, your cats or dogs are very important.  We want the best for them that we can afford. Dr. Matthew Moore and his Staff provide that kind of care.  They are very friendly and thorough, but more than that, they are caring people.  They care about me and they care about my cats and they care about all of their clients and their furbabies.  When I lost my Lilli-kitty unexpectedly, in their office several years ago, the Staff cried with me and called several times afterwards just to check on me.  Lilli was a beautiful, green-eyed Russian Blue, and she had my heart.

Dr. Moore and Staff were delighted with the two new kitties I rescued later, Tiger Lily and Stonewall, although my calico, Savannah, was not.  They were also amazed that Stonewall looked identical to Lilli. Yes, a green-eyed Russian Blue.  Stonewall was just a tiny kitten at the time and weighed only 1.5 pounds; a little ball of energy.  He is a whopping 15 pounder now and outweighs my precious Lilli by 10 pounds!  He was actually born on the day that Lilli died, so I like to think she came back in him.  Even more odd, Lilli died on Savannah’s birthday, out of spite, I think, but that’s a story for another day.

Dr. Moore and Staff don’t know about Buddy yet.  Buddy belonged to my best friend who passed away recently after a short illness.  And Buddy is a 10-pound, green-eyed Russian Blue.  Grey kitties are my weakness.

At any rate, the Animal Hospital of Diamondhead has a Pass Christian address but is actually located just on the outskirts of Diamondhead–“out back” as we say in Diamondhead, across the street from Uncle Joe’s Pizza!  Give them a call, and tell them I said, “Hello”!

Animal Hospital of Diamondhead
16840 Kapalama Rd.
Diamondhead, MS


The Kiln

Kiln is a census-designated place (CDP) in Hancock County, Mississippi. It is part of the Gulfport–Biloxi, Mississippi Metropolitan Statistical Area with a population of 2,238 at the 2010 census.

Kiln was so named because of the kilns once located there that were used for the production of pine tar .  It was also once a thriving sawmill community with a 45-room hotel, restaurant, hospital, movie theater and drug store. A more detailed history can be read at the Hancock County Historical Society website.

Locally known as “The Kiln” (the kill, with the “n” silent), the Kiln has a long history in moonshine and was more widely known as a source of moonshine during the prohibition era, as far away as Chicago and New York.  It is reported that none other than Al Capone himself had an establishment on the Jourdan River and was instrumental in getting moonshine and Cuban whiskey to Chicago.

The Kiln is also the hometown of NFL quarterback Brett Favre, something of which the locals are very proud.  Fans from Mississippi and Wisconsin always gathered at another institution in the Kiln, the colorful “Broke Spoke“, to watch Brett play for the Green Bay Packers.  ESPN covered the 2008 Super Bowl from the Broke Spoke wrote a poignant article about Brett and the Broke Spoke following the game.

Dempsey’s Restaurant is nearby and serves some of the best seafood on the Gulf Coast.  When you stop at Dempsey’s, you will not want to miss browsing through Da Swamp Shack Gift Shop and More right next door.  Among some of the items for purchase are popular styles of jewelry, T-Shirts, yard art, Saints paraphernalia, and much more including Al Saucier’s popular “Moonshine” books! You  can even take a “Kiln Moonshine Driving Tour”!!! And you can get a 10% discount at the shop with your Dempsey’s receipt.

Be sure to stop by the Kiln the next time you are in South Mississippi–you will not be disappointed in this colorful area of South Mississippi!

Ducks in Diamondhead

Ducks Meander in Diamondhead
Ducks Meander in Diamondhead

A frequent and well-loved sight in Diamondhead is that of the ducks and geese meandering across the road, stopping traffic in both directions, checking out whatever is on the other side.  Most are either on their way north or south and have stopped for a “layover” in Diamondhead for a bit of a rest.

These feathered friends can be found at various times gathered around the churches, the Community Center, City Hall, or all around the duck pond, munching on the goodies they find in the well-groomed grasses and shrubs.  Feeding the ducks is a favorite past time for residents, especially young children, and you will frequently see folks stopped, with the ducks and geese gathered all around them, clamoring for their fair or not-so-fair share of the bread and sometimes corn being handed out.

Occasionally, one of the birds will be injured somehow–maybe by another bird or other animal, rarely by an automobile.  Such was the case several years ago.  In passing the Duck Pond on several occasions during the same day, I noticed a goose that stayed on the ground in the same spot all day, which is highly unusual.  Curious, I stopped to investigate and found the goose had an injured foot and could move about only minimally, just enough to get into the water for safe keeping at night.  I started going by every day, feeding him, and having to outsmart the rest of the flock to do so.  This worked well until I went out of town for a couple of weeks and enlisted the help of some friends to care for “Goosey Goose”.  One of my friends was very close to a local vet and shared Goosey’s story with her.  Well, the upshot was that, by the time I returned to Diamondhead, the vet had very carefully rescued Goosey, repaired his mangled foot as best could be done, and had taken him to live out his days in luxury on her farm.  Many thanks to the kind vet!

So, if you are in the area, stop by the Duck Pond in Diamondhead.  There is a shaded deck in addition to picnic tables.  You might get lucky and see a rare “traffic backup” of four cars in both directions, patiently waiting for the ducks and geese to amble across the street!

Historic Sights to See in Old Town Bay St. Louis

Bay St. Louis is one of the oldest cities in South Mississippi, established over 300 years ago in 1699 and was originally named Shieldsboro, after a ship’s purser named Thomas Shields.  Renamed in 1818 to the current name, Bay St. Louis was slated to be the first state capital but lost out to Natchez, which, shortly thereafter, lost out to Jackson.  What wasn’t lost to Jackson was the area’s charm and affinity for the arts.

Bay St. Louis has the distinction of being home to artists, sets for movies, and some of the oldest, most historic buildings in Mississippi.   Among the buildings are:

  • The 1899 Hancock Bank Building (the oldest two-story building in the city) located at 100 S. Beach Blvd;
  • The 1925 Masonic Temple Building at 125 Main Street, a neo-classic Revival style building;
  • The 1911 Hancock County Courthouse at 150 Main Street, the tallest building in Old Town;
  • 1880’s The Louis Piernas House, 202 S. Toulme St, home to a “free man of color”;
  • The Train Depot, 1928 Depot Way, two-story mission style depot built in 1928 and famously served as a set in “This Property is Condemned”;
  • The Queen Anne style home located at 398 Blaize Ave. was built in 1916, and is was the centerpiece of the movie “This Property is Condemned House“, based on a play by Tennessee Williams.  This building is now the home of the Bay St. Louis Little Theater.
  • One of the most well-known artists from Bay St, Louis was Alice Moseley.  Ms. Moseley began her artistic career at age 60 and lived to be 94.  The Alice Moseley House is located at 214 Bookter Street.

Many more historic and stunning buildings abound in Bay St. Louis.  The best place to go for information is to the Depot Visitor’s Center.  This building also houses the Alice Moseley Museum, the Mardi Gras Museum, and the Hancock County Tourism Development Bureau.

Enjoy getting to know Bay St. Louis!

Pet-Friendly Restaurants in South Mississippi

Copy of Copy of Pet Friendly Sign IMG_9609

Do you like to travel with your pet?  Or enjoy your pet’s company at mealtime?  But then hate to leave the little (or large) fellow at home or in your room when you go out to enjoy the restaurants on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi?  Well, you don’t have to look into those sorrowful, soulful eyes and tell him/her to “Stay!” any longer!  Here is a short list of pet-friendly restaurants locally!

The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint
7501 HWY 57
Ocean Springs, MS, US 39565

Shaggy’s Biloxi Beach
1763 Beach Blvd
Biloxi, MS, US 39530
(228) 432-5005

The Grind Coffee & Nosh
934 Cedar Lake road
Biloxi, MS, US
(228) 392-3305

The Blind Tiger
119 N. Beach Boulevard
Bay St. Louis, MS

Sonic Drive-In
112 Jeff Davis Ave
Long Beach, MS 39560

Mary Mahoney’s
110 Rue Magnolia
Biloxi, MS
Recommended that you call in advance to confirm outdoor seating.

For additional pet-friendly restaurants in South Mississippi, please follow these links:

Ocean Springs

Always remember your Pet Etiquette when dining out with Fido:

  1. Keep Fido on a leash at all times;
  2. Fido doesn’t belong on the table, chairs, or stools;
  3. It is impolite to feed Fido from the table;
  4. Fido should always observe his/her inside voice and not bark to disturb other diners.

Holly Go-Lightly IMG_0023