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Depot District in Old Town Bay St Louis

Old Town Bay St Louis Depot District
Visit the Depot District in Old Town Bay St Louis Mississippi

There is a small section of Old Town with hip style shops, bars and restaurants. It is located near the old Train Depot in Bay St Louis. So it is often referred to as the Depot District. It is located near the Bay St Louis Duck Pond and Bay St Louis Community Hall as well.

Many new shops and restaurants have moved in to revitalize this amazing area. Lots of local festivals are held at the depot grounds.

The Duck Pond


Bay Saint Louis Duck Pond is a great park for family fun.
The Duck Pond By the Train Depot in Old Town Bay St. Louis

Bay St. Louis did a wonderful job making a wide open area into a sweet spot.  The Duck Pond is phenomenal!  Kids and adults both love to come here.  There are benches and swings around to relax and watch the ducks play.  If you want to be more involved, the ducks love to be fed.  The park includes a great water crossing bridge complete with a small waterfall type scene. I know many an hour will be spent enjoying this wonderful scene set in the heart of Old Town.

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