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Nature Tail with Butterfly Garden


Pass Christian Mississippi Nature and Butterfly Garden park located on Menge.

Nature Trail with Butterfly Garden

Menge Avenue  in Pass Christian, MS

The Park is not a playground, but more of a nature spot.  It has a nature trail with a Butterfly Garden.  It doesn’t seem like the park has been maintained lately.  The signs are down or hardly legible.  There are fallen trees and a good bit of over growth.  This might be a good thing if you want to see some wild animals such as deer.  It is located on Menge Avenue not too far off of the beach road.  Although some signs are down it is a great park for a scenic walk through the woods. The path was well worn although some trees were laying across parts of the paths. It is not a good park for Pass Christian area toddlers looking to play, but will surely please nature and hiking enthusiasts.

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