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Kayak Fishing under Bay St Louis Train Bridge

Kayak in Bay St Louis to catch fish or a sunrise.

On a morning like this it is time to load the Kayaks and head out to the beach or the Bay St Louis Train bridge for some trout or redfish action. A reliable Kayak is a good choice for a low cost high enjoyment fishing machine. Generally fishing in a Kayak is more work and requires more sitting in a tight space, but the boat note is low and the fish aren't spooked from the larger profile. Fishing in a Kayak is also rewarding with a closer feeling to nature during your kayak fishing trip. Be safe, always wear a life jacket when fishing in a Kayak. It only takes a second to have some real problems in the water.

Many Kayak fisherman like the beach areas of Bay St Louis and under the Bay St. louis train bridge. The water in the bay can kick up quick, so keep a close eye on the weather when fishing from a kayak. Check out our Kayak Fishing Guide for Mississippi

Bay St. Louis Seems A Little Foggy

Fog on Bay St. Louis Train Bridge Seems like many afternoons the fog is just rolling in off the Gulf. Makes for some incredible pictures and some pretty spooky looking scenes. Fog always adds the mystery or unknowns to a picture, event, or activity.

This afternoon I shot some pictures of Old Town Bay St. Louis when the fog rolled in. It is always funny how fog can play tricks on your ears and your eyes. Sounds seemed amplified and their direction unsure. Take a walk if you get a chance and watch this beautiful occurrence.

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