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Seriously Good Bread and Amazing Cookies found along Coastal Mississippi

Best-bread-on-coast If you spend any time on the Mississippi Gulf coast, there is a good chance that you have tried a sample of bread, scone, or muffin from Al Jensen's Serious Bread store. He is an amazing baker with a desire to produce the highest quality product using the best ingredients. The Coastal90.com offices are located in the same building as the Bay St. Louis bakery, so we are often able to sample Al's latest creations.

He makes really hearty regular breads  and other specialty loaves loaded with grains, seeds and or herbs and spices.

These breads are great and are worth finding the Serious Bread crew at their store or at a Coastal Mississippi farmer's market. The cookies that Al makes are worth the drive to Bay St. Louis from Alaska. No kidding, they are just that good. Here is a picture of his cookies that will hopefully be worth about a thousand words.

Best Cookies on the coast of Mississippi