Old Town Vintage Shopping Guide

Vintage shopping guide Old Town Bay St Louis
Right now Vintage Shopping is H-O-T, hot in Old Town Bay St. Louis! There is just something so awesome about finding a great old piece of clothing or a hip accessory to add to your wardrobe.  You know the saying “everying old is new again”.  Well that statement holds true for fashion as well.  Take a look at today’s fashions, you will see flashes of what your mother used to wear.  Only now it is worn a little different.  You can jazz up a vintage skirt by adding a chuncky belt and hip sandles.  Old Town Bay St. Louis has a couple of very cool vintage boutiques that take great pride in having the best hand picked pieces. The owners are there to help you along in finding the best pieces for you.  Visit Old Town for a spectacular shopping experience.  

Identity Vintage
Century Hall