Norman the Pig Appears in Bay St Louis Mississippi

Norman the Pig made an official appearance today with his owner, Ted Rozier, over in Old Town Bay St Louis. Norman is a young Micro-Pig who loves pork rinds, but don’t tell anybody! He also enjoys long walks with his owner and pal, Ted, (evenings by the fire, snuggling, and rainy days, too, maybe?!). Norman is a special breed of piggy hailing from up north, but like most snowbirds, he loves the Coast of Mississippi. He is a beautiful gray and white color, making him very noticeable from afar. The locals down in Old Town love seeing him and visit for while as he stops by the shops. Norman has made it his mission to befriend as many people as possible. So, no wonder Coastal90 writer, Joshua Holmes, loves hanging out with the beloved friend.  As far as we can tell he’s the sweetest guy we’ve encountered in awhile. He loves to root in the Mississippi grass and to hang out in the sunshine.



Norman is a Micro-Pig and loves to have fun in the sun!



We love spending time with Norman when he’s on the Coast, so we hope you get to see him sometime too!