Lilli and the Animal Hospital of Diamondhead

I want to tell you about my vet and his office staff.  I am an animal person, specifically cats.  And, as anyone with pets knows, your cats or dogs are very important.  We want the best for them that we can afford. Dr. Matthew Moore and his Staff provide that kind of care.  They are very friendly and thorough, but more than that, they are caring people.  They care about me and they care about my cats and they care about all of their clients and their furbabies.  When I lost my Lilli-kitty unexpectedly, in their office several years ago, the Staff cried with me and called several times afterwards just to check on me.  Lilli was a beautiful, green-eyed Russian Blue, and she had my heart.

Dr. Moore and Staff were delighted with the two new kitties I rescued later, Tiger Lily and Stonewall, although my calico, Savannah, was not.  They were also amazed that Stonewall looked identical to Lilli. Yes, a green-eyed Russian Blue.  Stonewall was just a tiny kitten at the time and weighed only 1.5 pounds; a little ball of energy.  He is a whopping 15 pounder now and outweighs my precious Lilli by 10 pounds!  He was actually born on the day that Lilli died, so I like to think she came back in him.  Even more odd, Lilli died on Savannah’s birthday, out of spite, I think, but that’s a story for another day.

Dr. Moore and Staff don’t know about Buddy yet.  Buddy belonged to my best friend who passed away recently after a short illness.  And Buddy is a 10-pound, green-eyed Russian Blue.  Grey kitties are my weakness.

At any rate, the Animal Hospital of Diamondhead has a Pass Christian address but is actually located just on the outskirts of Diamondhead–“out back” as we say in Diamondhead, across the street from Uncle Joe’s Pizza!  Give them a call, and tell them I said, “Hello”!

Animal Hospital of Diamondhead
16840 Kapalama Rd.
Diamondhead, MS