Chad’s Official Waveland Wish List

I have sat here for a while trying to think of the things that I just think Waveland needs. Now these may not be reasonable or even politically correct, but I just got a hankering for putting this list down to binary.

  1. Whole Foods Market
  2. Movie Theater
  3. Swimming Complex that has a Swim Team
  4. Vietnamese Restaurant
  5. Google Fiber
  6. Gnat Repellent
  7. Symphony Ochestra on the Beach
  8. Christmas Light Bike Parade
  9. Kite Festival
  10. Brew House
  11. Amtrak Service
  12. Fat Burger
  13. Chipotle 
  14. Skeet Club on Pier
  15. Community Garden
  16. Roaming Goat Herd
  17. Chickens
  18. Old Stuff
  19. Leg Lamps
  20. Fish Tacos

This list is not complete but it is a start. What do you think Waveland needs? Please be polite…



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