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Katrina Recovery Quilts

Solveig Wells was a master quiltmaker who had a second home on the Coast before Katrina.  When that home was lost, so was Solveig’s extensive collection of fabrics.

Months later, many of the fabric’s in her collection were found on the beach weathered, frayed, and still wet.

To read Solveig’s amazing story of recovery and see photos of some of the 55 quilts she made from her destroyed fabric collection, click here.

The quilts were donated to the Ground Zero Hurricane Museum following Solveig’s death in 2013.  As of this writing, the Museum undergoing repairs and is not open but you can still read Solveig’s inspiring story on their website.

Waveland’s Colorful History

While browsing the City of Waveland’s website, I ran across the “About Waveland” tab that contains some incredible information about  “The Hospitality City”.

While one can look at Beach Boulevard and notice the absence of commercialization but not know that Waveland is the only city on the Gulf Coast which prohibits commercial buildings on its beachfront.  Good for them!  That certainly makes Beach Boulevard all the more charming and inviting, a quiet retreat.

Originally part of Shieldsboro, which is now Bay St. Louis, Waveland became a separate municipality in 1888 and a city in 1970.  Coleman Avenue has endured destruction twice:  once by Hurricane Camille in 1969 and again by Hurricane Katina in 2005.  But Coleman Avenue is slowly coming back as are houses on the beach.

What is now the Ground Zero Museum started out as the Civic Center and was the only building left standing on Coleman Avenue following Hurricane Katrina.  It is home to a hand-cranked carousel that was donated to Waveland after Katrine by the people of Port Townsend Washington.

Many interesting details about the history of Waveland can be found on this website and I encourage you to visit and read all about Waveland’s storied past!


Waveland’s Christmas Bazaar

Waveland’s 2nd Annual Christmas Bazaar will beheld Friday and Saturday, November 20-21 at the Ground Zero Hurricane Museum.

The Museum’s location at 335 Coleman Avenue is convenient and there’s lots of parking on the street.  The flyer indicates that there will be a number of vendors selling Made in Mississippi products.

Hours on Friday will be from 10am until 8 pm; Saturday hours are from 10 am to 4 pm.

If you are interested in being a Vendor, please check out the Vendor Application.


TripAdvisor’s Ten Best Restaurants in Waveland

TripAdvisor has named their top ten restaurants in Waveland MS. Unfortunately, several of the restaurants have recently closed, so we included the next two on the list to make ten!!!

  1. Thaiu Sakura, 315 HIghway 90, Suite A, Waveland, MS 39576, (228) 467-5100
  2.  Fat Boyz–CLOSED!
  3. West End Restaurant635 Highway 90, Waveland, MS 39576-2407, (228) 466-5225
  4. Lunch Box, 210 Highway 90, Waveland, MS 39576, (229) 466-0014 (Lunch only)
  5. Tony’s Family Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor, 720 Highway 90, Waveland, MS 39576-2410, (228) 466-5151
  6. Jubilee Buffet, Silver Slipper Casino, 5000 South Beach Boulevard, Bay St. Louis, MS 39520-9775, 1-866-754-7737
  7. S and B Sports Bar, 814 Sears Ave, Waveland, MS 39576, (228) 467-4770 
  8. K G’s Cajun Seafood & Poboys–CLOSED
  9. Da Kitchen, 459 Highway 90, Waveland, MS 39576-2507, (228) 467-7242
  10. J’s Restaurant, 304 Highway 90, Ste D, Waveland, MS 39576-2653, (228) 467-9176
  11. Hardee’s, 342 Hwy 90, Waveland, MS 39576-2672, (228) 463-8885
  12. Yun Long, 334 Highway 90, Waveland, MS 39576, (228) 467-5698

The Grand Hotels of the Gulf Coast

From the Pine Hills Hotel in Pass Christian to the Great Southern Hotel in Gulfport and the White House Hotel in Biloxi, many grand and stately hotels once graced the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.  Time and progress, with the help of natural disasters, have taken their toll on these grand and historic buildings so that most are only picture-postcard memories, relegated to faded photos in long-lost picture albums.

A brief but thorough article on these Grand Dames of the Gulf Coast can be found on Wikipedia through the following link:

Historic Grand Hotels on the Mississippi Gulf Coast 

Individually, you will find the following articles on these all-but-forgotten treasures and again bring them to life in your imagination, seeing in your mind’s eye their grandeur and splendor, that has, like so much in the South, “Gone With the Wind”.

Great Southern Hotel (Gulfport)

White House Hotel (Biloxi)

Buena Vista Hotel (Biloxi)

Edgewater Gulf Hotel (Biloxi)

Pine Hills Hotel (Pass Christian)

Markham Hotel (Gulfport)

Tivoli Hotel (Biloxi)

Broadwater Beach Hotel (Biloxi)

Jeremy Burke, Ward One Alderman

Jeremy Burke, business owner of Bay Books, is Ward One Alderman in Waveland, Mississippi, and he has a plan for steering Waveland in the right direction. Jeremy sat down with Coastal 90 writer, Joshua Holmes, recently to discuss his goals and hopes for Waveland for the his term of office. Jeremy really wants to be a voice for Ward one Waveland. I have to say that as a resident of Ward One, I already feel the effects of his actions in Waveland. Jeremy has been committed to helping restore and grow Waveland for many years. As a graduate from St. Stanislaus in Bay St Louis and the University of Southern Mississippi, Jeremy is familiar with the area and has lived in Ward One for many years.


Jeremy’s main conversation with me was about improving the quality of life for Waveland residents and keeping Waveland beautiful. Jeremy really wants to focus on infrastructure and putting local Waveland businesses to work. He wants to make it very easy for businesses to move to our beautiful city as well. If we are in need of new and innovative services and jobs, Jeremy wants to welcome them with open arms. Affordable living is another main point of focus for Mr. Burke. “Waveland needs to make sure we are supporting and helping families afford to live here through cost of living, as well as public works and jobs,” Mr. Burke said. “My hope is to bring a vision to the City of Waveland for growing and improving our way of life,” Jeremy added.


Jeremy Burke also spoke to me regarding the empty lots and structures needing repair or reconstitution. “We need to focus on local businesses and bringing people back to Waveland,” Jeremy said. Mr. Burke really wants to help grow jobs and alleviate financial strain on the families of Waveland. He has ideas for economic development that could really help grow and prosper Waveland for years to come.


Jeremy is a member of the many civic, professional, and alumni organizations. Mr. Burke’s commitment to Waveland’s return on investment is paramount to his plans for the future. As a businessman in Hancock County and a family man at home, Jeremy Burke has the innovative tenacity to get the job done and make Waveland strong!