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Advertise on Coastal90

Advertise on Coastal90

Coastal90 is a great guide for the Coast of Mississippi. We allow local businesses and groups to advertise on our site. We maintain editorial approval of all ads purchased directl on our site. We reserve the right to refuse any ad for any reason.

Coastal90 can drive traffic an get your local message out to locals and tourist alike.

Gas Stations with Fuel Without Ethanol on the Coast of Mississippi

We are looking to create a guide of gas stations on the coast of Mississippi that sell gasoline without Ethanol. There are several people that will support the fuel stations because they believe ethanol fuel is an unfair tax and that it will make a reduction in the fuel mileage your vehicle gets. We are not experts on horepower loss or mileage, but would like to create a source. Please comment any stations that you know in the area and we will update the page.

Non Ethanol Gas Stations on the Coast:

Biloxi: TEXACO Waring Oil Co [228-832-2111] 12202 Old Hwy 67

Ocean Springs: Ocean Springs Marine [228-875-0072] 1320 Harbor Rd

Gulfport: Bayou View Service [228-868-6367]  66 48th St

Long Beach: Comeback Market [228-864-4077] 536 E Railroad St

Pass Christian: Neco’s Petroleum [228-255-3072] 12342 Cable Bridge Rd

Bay St. Louis: Keiths Superstore #184 [228-466-4336] 4955 Us Hwy 90

Waveland: Keith’s Superstore #182 [228-466-4494] 10513 Hwy 603

Diamondhead: Git Er Done [228-255-7100] 455 Yacht Club Dr

If you own or know of any additional stations, please comment below and we will add them to the list.


Surf Fishing On The Gulf Coast


Surf fishing is a local obsession on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Locals drive to the beaches to surf fish for their flounders, speckled trout, red fish and spanish mackerels. Since surf fishing requires very little equipment, it is very popular with beginners to fishing purist. Most of the time early and late fishing is most productive. Simply walk out into an area that is about knee level. Begin casting and working a bait across the water. It won’t be long for a you to start getting some fish biting in the surf.

Here are a few pieces of equipment you will need for surf fishing on the Mississippi Gulf coast:

  • A fishing pole-Preferably one that can handle salt water
  • A life jacket
  • A fish ring – stores fish when surf fishing
  • A bait bucket
  • A pair of pliers
  • A knife
  • A Small tackle box
  • A hat
  • A water tight container for personal items
  • A fishing partner
  • A fishing license
  • Sunscreen
  • Surf Fishing Waders

There are any fishing regulations that you need to be familiar with before surf fishing. You need to know creel limits  and liscence requirements. You should also know or be familiar with the species that may be caught in the Gulf of Mexico. You should also be aware of different jelly fish and stinging fish species. Taking a little time to familiarize yourself with the waters you are going to surf fish can and will pay big dividends. Also have an idea on how you might handle catching a shark or stingray when fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Surf fishing is very popular to the west of this pier to Buccaneer State Park

Surf fishing is an easy way to walk out and catch some fish on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

You are in the water when surf fishing!

There is a big difference when fishing from a boat and from the water. You are close to the fish when surf fishing. Be aware that a satchel of fish can attract predators to your catch. So if there are sharks or other aggressive large fish you may want to remove your catch from the water. Temperature of the air and water is key for safe surf fishing. Know what the temperature is and gear up accordingly.  It doesn’t take long to get hypodermic when surf fishing in cold water. Be careful and catch lots of fish when surf fishing the Mississippi Gulf Coast Beaches.