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Go Fly a Kite on the Beach

Flying a kite on the beach may seem like a boring activity, but it can be an exhilarating experience. Mastering wind with your kite is a great hobby that can be a casual experience or a passion. I have always enjoyed flying kites from a very young age ever since my preschool class took us out to fly for what was my first time. I had such an amazing time, the memory stands out to me even now. Flying kites is a great way to pass the time or to even clear your mind from a long work week. Flying a kite at one of the outstanding beaches on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi is a perfect recipe for a great afternoon.

Flying kits is awesome!
Flying kits is awesome!

On any windy day at the beach, you can see people from early childhood to late adulthood flying kites and enjoying the beach. You can fly kites with a group or go solo; any way you look at it, flying kites on the beach never gets old. Although kite flying can only be accomplished on windy days, do not let that stop you from going out to your local stores and getting yourself a kite. You never know when the perfect day will come! Even if the wind calms down, you are still on one of the many relaxing beaches on the Gulf Coast.

Going to fly your kite on the beach is the perfect way to get outdoors, which in today’s society is slowly becoming less and less popular with the advancements in technology. As a child I remember several occasions when my mother would fly kites with me at our home and sometimes even go to the beach t fly. I always preferred going to the beach, getting to run through the sand being guided by my kite soaring high in the air. Even when my kite came tumbling back down to Earth, I still felt a sense of accomplishment and would quickly start again trying to see how high I could make my kite fly.

Everytime I fly a kite, it brings me back to my younger, carefree years where I had few responsibilities. I always feel that childhood innocence again, and I cannot help but smile. Flying a kite on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is always a fun time and a great way to enjoy the day. It has always been one of my favorite beach activities. I would recommend anyone who has never flown a kite to try it, because the beaches are always welcoming.

Playing in the Sand

Playing in the sand on the beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast is an activity shared by many. Whether it’s burying your friends up to their necks in sand or building the world’s greatest sand castle, there is always a great time waiting on the beach. The warm, inviting sand of the Gulf Coast has been a playground and a canvas to many. To some, the sand is the ultimate arena for friendly games of two-hand touch football and volleyball. Building sandcastles is one of the coolest beach activities there is and one enjoyed by young and old alike! From simple bucket sand castles to the colossal castles we see online, they are all amazing.

Playing in the beautiful Mississippi Sand
Playing in the beautiful Mississippi Sand

When playing in the sands of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, there are a lot of things you can use to build your castle. Anything from sandcastle kits with shovels, buckets, racks, and molds to sporting equipment. On the beach you can also picnic, find inspiration, relax, and much, much more!  Your only limit is your imagination. There is also entertainment in the sand. Searching for seashells is one of my favorite things to do while playing in the sand. I like finding shells of all kinds: big, little, unique, ordinary; they are always fun to find. A metal detector on the beach is a good way to reward yourself. First, you get the exercise of walking up and down the beach and occasionally, you find buried treasures left by visitors at the beach in the past.

Playing on beautiful beaches.
Playing on beautiful beaches.

The sands of the Mississippi Gulf Coast are one of natures best parks. You never know what you might find or experience on the beach. It’s that mystery that keeps us coming back to visit the seashore again and again. Whether you are the next great sand castle artist, a casual beach goer, or just on the search of mysterious treasure, you are sure to have an amazing time at the beach. The Mississippi Gulf Coast has some of the most beautiful and clean sand in the world;  it is inviting and welcoming to all who wish to enjoy it. When is your next play date with the sand?

Why I Love the MS Beaches in the Spring

I love the Mississippi beaches in the spring for many reasons. The spring is the perfect weather for going to the beach, because it is just right. The sand is nice and warm on my bare feet; everything is perfect for relaxation. I enjoy going to the beach to do one thing I seldom get the peace and quiet to do: I go and read a book. I just escape reality for a few hours while I bask in the rays. There is really nothing not to like about the beach in the Spring.

The coast is so beautiful with its mystery and spirit.
The coast is so beautiful with its mystery and spirit.

For avid adventurers, the beach offers so many activities and Spring just brings us the perfect temperature to enjoy them. The first volleyball game of Spring is really the start to everything. What fun it is to get a huge group of people together to go attack the sandy shores of the Mississippi beaches to play volleyball!

When I’m on the beach, I feel free to let my mind go free from the responsibilities of the real world. The beach takes every problem and nagging thought out of my mind. I kick back, yes, I just kick back and bury my toes in the sand. It really is such a relaxing place and, once the night sky blankets the sand in darkness, I am truly in my happy place. For me, there is nothing that can challenge the sounds of the tide crashing against the shore while staring at the infinite blackness that is space. Staring up into the stars just contemplating what could be out there, challenging my brain to think outside of the box on what could be happening on some distant planet similar to earth or maybe completely different.

Watching the moon drop over the water, seeming as if it is almost touching the water is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. When I’m on the beaches of Mississippi during Spring, especially at night, I feel a sense of peace that everything will be OK.  Loving the beaches only during Spring is not enough for me: I love the beaches year round! The sunburn that comes after is worth it every single time, just for what the beach can make me feel.

It is amazing how well the infrastructure has been made from Waveland to Bay St. Louis. There is a walking path along the beach the entire way.  Many people will park in Waveland and walk to Bay St. Louis.  Get out to the Mississippi beaches this spring and enjoy the sand from Biloxi Beach to Gulfport and from Long Beach to Waveland.

Family Day At The Beach In Mississippi

A day at the beach with family is the perfect outing. What’s better that bathing in the sun and splashing about in the Gulf with your family? This is a relaxing endeavor that the whole family can enjoy–building sand castles, flying kites, swimming, and much more! It is also a great way to spend the day bonding with the family on our beautiful Mississippi beaches. A good family trip to the beach can be enjoyed by anyone and can give you and your family lasting memories. There is plenty of open space on the beaches of the Gulf Coast so you can rest easy while your children play. Just always watch them near the water. Although many areas can be shallow for small children, there are abrupt drop-offs. If you are concerned, put a life jacket on children who are not great swimmers.

The pirate ship wagon has landed on the Waveland beach.
The pirate ship wagon has landed on the Waveland beach.

Having a picnic on one of the many beaches along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi is an inexpensive lunch idea. Anything from sandwiches to a meal prepared earlier can be enjoyed on the warm sand of the Gulf Coast beaches.  Be sure to bring a bag for trash so you can keep our beaches beautiful. This is a great opportunity to unwind for all ages. Listening to the tide crash against the shore with a full tummy can bring anyone to a utopia of relaxation.

Clean family friendly beaches along from Biloxi and Ocean Springs to Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian.
Clean family friendly beaches along from Biloxi and Ocean Springs to Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian.

The beaches along the Coast of Mississippi have plenty of great activities to offer. You can rent equipment to play on, and volleyball nets are always available. Bringing your own entertainment is always a solid option as well. Building sand castles can be a fun, recreational way to sculpt a beautiful work of art with sand and is inexpensive!

To sum it all up, the beaches along the Mississippi Gulf Coast are a fantastic place to spend the afternoon, to watch the sun set, to have a fun family outing, or even just to go and relax. It is always a safe, fun experience for the whole family. Did I mention how beautiful the night sky is on the beach?

The Blind Tiger Buys Second Lot on Beach Blvd Bay St Louis, MS

The Blind Tiger is buying the lot next to them at 119 North Beach on the Main Street side of Beach Boulevard in Bay St. Louis. This means more business and more jobs for the local community. The people of Bay St. Louis are excited about this new and exciting expansion of the ever growing and popular Blind Tiger of Bay St. Louis. In the new three-story building, The Blind Tiger will have a hand-crafted brewing station and an oyster bar facing the water. WLOX recently did a story about the new devopment with an interview of the owner, Thomas Genin, and Bay St. Louis’s Mayor. It is a great story about the redeveolpment of Bay St. Louis and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Blind Tiger opened it’s doors in early 2013 to resounding applause from residents and tourists. “We have been very excited to be apart of the community of Bay St. Louis, ” said one employee of The Blind Tiger. Any night you’ll walk into The Blind Tiger and see friendly faces, good eats and tons of drinks. That’s not all. On weekends, they have artists play in the open courtyard overlooking the beach. After the marina is complete, the possibilities will be endless for The Blind Tiger to grow and look to the future. Not to mention, the view is already amazing. Enjoy a Joe Cat Burger, Fish Tacos or a new creation from Chef/ Owner/ Operator  Thomas Genin and the crew at The Blind Tiger.

Shrimp Skewer From The Blind Tiger

The Blind Tiger 119 N Beach Blvd Bay St Louis, MS

Open 7 Days a Week 11:30AM – 10:00PM

Motor bikes are cruising the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Motor bikes parked outside of The Blind Tiger in Bay St. Louis

During this Cruising the Coast event you will see lots of amazing cars and trucks. Today we saw a couple spectacular motorbikes parked in front of The Blind Tiger in Old Town Bay St. Louis. These bikes were polished and ready to ride. If only we had the keys. There have been quite a few motorcycles out on the road this week. It is great to see the Beach Blvd hopping with traffic and business.