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Goodbye Space Shuttle, Thanks for Flying By!

Space Shuttle Endeavour does low altitude flight over Stennis Space Center in Mississippi

Good Bye Space Shuttle, Thanks for stopping by!

The Space Shuttle passed over Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. This is a once in a lifetime experience as the Space Shuttle Endeavour goes off to become an exhibit in Los Angeles.

Space Shuttle Buzzes Out Of Mississippi on 747


Space Shuttle Flys Over Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

Space Shuttle Flies By To Honor Mississippi's Part in the historic program.


NASA Stennis Space Center wathed the Shuttle pass onto into the history books this morning. This low altitude flight honored the legacy of the Space Shuttle Program and its Coastal roots in Mississippi and Louisiana. Stennis Space center was instrumental in testing all Space SHuttle Rocket Engines.

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Bed and Breakfast and Sublet Service Gulf Coast

So I found this amazing service AirBNB the other day. They allow people to book entire houses, rooms, or even shared space. The site allows you to even rent out extra space you have. Fill your empty vacation house online.

I have booked my first trip using their service and am excited to meet the hosts. They have already emailed me and their reviews are dynamite.

Even if you just spend a few minutes looking at all the neat places to travel to, AirBNB is a must See!


Here are a few of the ares I have seen listed already on

  • Bay St. Louis Bed And Breakfast
  • Pass Christian Vacation Homes
  • Mississippi Coastal Rentals
  • Homes for rent Gulfport
  • Condos in Biloxi
  • Ocean Springs BNB
  • Short Termn Rentals.

Check it out I think you will be amazed at the cool condos, homes, rooms, boats, tents and even trains available for rent!

Memorial Day on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Flag's at half staff to remember and honor our fallen US and Mississippi soldiers

Having never served in the armed forces myself, I pay a bit more attention to those who have. This weekend I took my kids out to the Mississippi Vietnam War Memorial. I think it is important to teach our children early what sacrifices are made by soldiers and their families. The Mississippi Vietnam War Memorial is located in Ocean Springs. It is a great tribute to the soldiers who have paid the ultimate price for serving our nation.

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