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Waveland’s Colorful History

While browsing the City of Waveland’s website, I ran across the “About Waveland” tab that contains some incredible information about  “The Hospitality City”.

While one can look at Beach Boulevard and notice the absence of commercialization but not know that Waveland is the only city on the Gulf Coast which prohibits commercial buildings on its beachfront.  Good for them!  That certainly makes Beach Boulevard all the more charming and inviting, a quiet retreat.

Originally part of Shieldsboro, which is now Bay St. Louis, Waveland became a separate municipality in 1888 and a city in 1970.  Coleman Avenue has endured destruction twice:  once by Hurricane Camille in 1969 and again by Hurricane Katina in 2005.  But Coleman Avenue is slowly coming back as are houses on the beach.

What is now the Ground Zero Museum started out as the Civic Center and was the only building left standing on Coleman Avenue following Hurricane Katrina.  It is home to a hand-cranked carousel that was donated to Waveland after Katrine by the people of Port Townsend Washington.

Many interesting details about the history of Waveland can be found on this website and I encourage you to visit and read all about Waveland’s storied past!


Bay St. Louis Parking Garage is GREEN!

Old Town Bay St. Louis has a Solar Powered Parking garage designed to offer parking for Merchants, Restaurants and Government offices.

Ever wonder what a green parking garage could look like?  Bay St. Louis has a Solar LED Parking Garage installed in Old Town. It is an amazing structure that includes solar, irrigation, plant facades and LED lighting. The garage has over 10 Kilowatts of solar that is used to power the elevator and lighting. The garage is also designed to capture 10,000 gallons of water to irrigate the plants designed to grow on the walls of the garage. It is a self contained assets located 1 block off of Main Street. A great option for parking in Old Town.

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Waveland School is Historic Old Building


The Old Waveland School building is located near the Library on Coleman Avenue. This historic building was rebuilt after Katrina keeping its historic feel and look. The floors in the old school are beautiful pine. This building currently serves as the meeting hall for the Waveland Board of Alderman and the Mayor. It also has offices, meeting rooms, and can be rented for weddings and other events.

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