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Playing and Shopping in Downtown Gulfport

Stroll the streets of downtown Gulfport for relaxed shopping and dining, view the beautiful harbor, or take a “three-hour” tour of the Gulf!!!

Murky Water Blues & BBQ
Ship Island Excursions
South Mississippi Charters
Tony’s Brick Oven
Vintage Vault Co
Back on the Rack Upscale Resale
Sea Grapes Wine Cafe
The Guest House at Gulfport Landing
Triplett-Day Drugs

Kayak Fishing in the Back Bay of Biloxi

If you are looking for an abundance of fish and wildlife to enjoy from your Kayak, look no further than the Back Bay of Biloxi.  In addition to abundant fishing, you can spot Dolphins, Pelican, Cormorants, Herons and other water birds cruising the converging waters of “Big Lake”, Bernard Bayou, Biloxi River, and the Back Bay right along with you, looking for their next meal.  Bernard Bayou is widest at its opening near the Gulf and is where you will find many casinos.   However, the inland area is more protected and more populated and is where you will find a greater abundance of fish and fowl for your enjoyment.  And here the fish almost jump into the boat with you.  So check out the Back Bay of Biloxi for your next Kayak Fishing trip!

Mississippi Area Charter Fishing Services / Wade Fishing

Fishing on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi is a hobby that everyone can enjoy. The Gulf Coast offers a large number of charter and land fishing services. Going out with friends and family on a fishing trip is a great experience. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi lakes are filled with many varieties of aquatic animals. Fishing is for the patient, but once the fish pulls that slack, the adrenaline rush begins. Imagine trying to fight the strength of the fist versus you and your pole, not knowing what’s on the other end, just trying your hardest to pull the fish out of the water. You never know what kind of adventure awaits you going fishing. It is the perfect gift for anyone especially out-of-town guests. Anyone can have a blast fishing.


The whole family can enjoy a day on the water by booking a day on one of the charter fishing companies located around the Gulf Coast. All it takes is some online research and a deposit and you will be on your way to having a fantastic time. Pulling up redfish with the family is a great way to spend the day. All charter boats require you to wear a life jacket, so it is a very safe activity. Most charter companies will provide you with equipment so if you are a first-time fisherman, you can learn on some of the most up-to-date equipment in the sport. Charter fishing is an amazing experience, but do not take my word for it; book a day for yourself. The first time you go charter fishing you will be hooked.

Land fishing is just as good an experience as any. Nothing helps you connect with nature like fishing with friends. No matter how you go about it, fishing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is an amazing opportunity that all should experience and enjoy. If you are interested in finding out more about locating someone to host your fishing adventure, be sure to do some online searching to find the perfect experience. Fishing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is an activity everyone needs to try before they leave, and there are plenty friendly and professional places that will be sure to cater to your experience level. Wade fishing is an easy activity to get you introduced to fishing and fun for veteran fisherman as well! Enjoy Mississippi Fishing–the Best in the World!

I Love To Go Crabbing On The Coast

Mississippi’s fertile coastline has bred a community of local and commercial fishermen throughout the Gulf Coast. In particular to the local population, fishing has become a way of life, whether it be driven by sport or provides the sustenance that makes up the Gulf Coast’s rich culinary traditions. One of the richest fisheries in the Gulf Coast is the abundant blue crab populations. The bayous and marshlands create a plentiful breeding ground that replenishes the gulf’s plentiful reserves.

Fisherman holds crab under foot as he fishes from pier along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Fisherman holds crab under foot as he fishes from pier along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

There are a variety of means to catch crab in the gulf. The most traditional and most accessible means for perspective crabbers is the use of net traps. This is generally a somewhat labor- intensive and time- consuming method of crabbing, but this hands-on activity can also be the most rewarding. Along the seawalls, culverts, and tributaries are some of the best locations for the use of nets. These areas are preferred for their shallow waters and access to freshwater marshlands where crabs can feed.

Crabs, being scavengers, move back and forth from larger to smaller bodies of water in search of an easy meal. The best bait for this type of fishing involves the use of the necks or backs of poultry. Necks and backs will attract the crab longer as it feeds on the meat in the more boney, difficult sections. These are also very cheap and accessible forms of bait.There is a level of finesse to this form of fishing due to the waters low visibility. With the baits securely fastened in the bottom of the net, drop the net until it lies flat on the bottom. Once you feel the crab taking the bait, carefully pull the line up and extract the crab. The line must be checked periodically for any potential catches. This one at a time strategy that requires time, patience, and is usually best if you bring your fishing pole with you as well. Good luck and watch out for those pinchers.

Kayak Fishing in Biloxi

Biloxi Mississippi in nestled right on the warm Gulf of Mexico waters and is a perfect spot for Kayak fishing. Launching is as simple as pulling up to one of many parking spots on the side of Highway 90 or the back bay. Launch and immediately begin using your Kayak to dominate the local flounder, speckled trout, red fish and even spanish mackerel.

Fishing in a kayak is both fun an rewarding. it is a great way to be a little closer to nature and can provide great excitement for avid anglers. The first time you hook into a bull red and cruise around under the fish’s power, YOU will be the one hooked for sure!

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