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The Mississippi Gulf Coast Thrives in the Fall

One of the most beautiful times of the year is fall, and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that beauty really shines. Along the MIssissippi Gulf Coast during the fall months when the leaves are changing, one can always find something to do. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is thriving during this time of year because of its amazing weather and the changing of the leaves. The fall season is, in my opinion, the best time to visit some of the amazing beaches along the Coast. This is also the time of the year that the  Gulf Coast has some of the most fun events of the year.


The beautiful Mississippi Coast makes fall the ultimate time to go out and not only see the coast but to live it as well. The ideal weather for almost every activity from bike riding to kite flying occurs during the wonderful fall months. Fall can also be the perfect time of the year to turn over a new leaf and begin to become a more active member of the community. The changing of the leaves can be a symbol for a change in oneself.


Birds eating at a buffet of seafood following a shrimp boat on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Birds eating at a buffet of seafood following a shrimp boat on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The beaches along the Mississippi Gulf Coast are thriving during the fall months because it is the perfect time to get outdoors. The season of fall allows people to enjoy many activities on the beach without being overwhelmed by the heat that can occur in the spring and summer months. During the fall months, one can enjoy a nice bike ride along the beaches or even go out and spending the day flying kites with friends. Fall is also the last time of the year that going to the beach can be abundant because of the lower temperatures of the winter months.


The season of fall along the Mississippi Gulf Coast brings many of the greatest events to hit the coast all year. Everyone can find something to do during this time of the year. The seafood festival in Biloxi is celebrating over 35 years, and what better way to enjoy the fall months then with some of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s most amazing seafood. This award-winning festival is an event that the whole family can enjoy during the fall season. This year the Mississippi Gulf Coast is going to be enjoying the 28th annual Fall Muster. During the Fall Muster the Mississippi Gulf Coast celebrates some of its most historical moments. This festival is a cultural experience one cannot miss.


The Mississippi Gulf Coast is always thriving but during the fall months, the Coast really shines! The weather during the fall seasons encourages everyone to get out and live the Mississippi Gulf Coast way. Going to the beaches along the Mississippi Gulf Coast during the fall months is great fun and an amazing way to say goodbye to the beaches until spring. The fall months bring some of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s greatest events and festivals. With all these reasons how can anyone disagree? The Mississippi Gulf Coast is thriving during the fall months.


The Mississippi Gulf Coast Winter

Winters on the Mississippi Gulf Coast can be some of the most confusing months of the year. The weather can go from an amazing spring day to an arctic storm causing ice to threaten the roads. When weather permits, the Mississippi Gulf Coast during the winter months is a quaint and peaceful place to be. During the winter months, one can find countless activities to stay busy and, more importantly, stay warm. The winter months are a perfect time to explore the Mississippi Gulf Coast because there is always something to get into at anytime. It is a perfect time to try something new from cooking to camping.


There is no better time to plan a camping trip along the Mississippi Gulf Coast than during the winter months. The warmth of the fire is reason enough to pack your tent and light out for parts unknown–or at least into the back yard and a campfire and somores!!!. The view of the night sky is a most rewarding aspect of camping anywhere but especially on the Coast. Going out into the wilderness with your tent is a great way to enjoy the winter months along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Looking up into the cosmos while lying next to a fire that you built is rewarding form of relaxation. Taking a detox from technology and everyday responsibilities by camping during the winter months on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is highly recommended.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast has an almost unlimited number of events to enjoy during the winter months. The Wavefest celebration, having their 14th annual event, is a great way to spend the day listening to music and if you are feeling energized participating in the 5k they host. My favorite part of this festival is the pirate costume contest. Another great way to spend the day on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is by attending the 14th annual Gulf Coast Veterans Day parade; it is a great way to have a fun and exciting afternoon with your family. Also the Gulf Coast Veterans Day parade gives us all a great opportunity to celebrate, appreciate, and show our respect for the women and men who dedicate their lives to serve our country. The men and women who serve in the United States armed forces are to be celebrated, especially our veterans living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast; military is a large part of our culture and what better way to show respect than attending the Gulf Coast Veterans day parade.


All and all the Mississippi Gulf Coast is a wonderful place with tons of amazing atmosphere and cultural experiences. The winter season can be viewed as a time to hide away in your house making soup or it can be used as an opportunity to go out and have an all around great time. With so many events going on along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, how can one logically stay indoors? This is why the Mississippi Gulf Coast is thriving during the winter months.


The Mississippi Gulf Coast Thrives in the Summer

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is a wonderful area year round and is one of the busiest areas of Mississippi. On any given day of the week, you can find many events that can bring a smile to every member of your family’s face. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is thriving during all the seasons, but it is my opinion that the Coast is at its best during the summer months. The summer months on the Mississippi Gulf Coast brings in a lot of revenue from travelers for the many events during this time of year. There is never a dull moment here on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast!

Flying kites on beautiful beaches.
Flying kites on beautiful beaches.

Living or visiting on the Mississippi Gulf Coast during the summer, you will find that there is always fun stuff to do. The coast is well equipped with many local business from antique shops to some of the most amazing restaurants. The Mississippi Gulf Coast has some of the greatest restaurants in the country featuring a wide variety of culinary styles. The nightlife is almost sure to bring a smile to your face. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is jammed packed with casinos, bars, and many other exciting places to spend your next night owning the town.


The events held during the summer months on the amazing Mississippi Gulf Coast are surely to amaze even the most intense critics. Some of the countries hottest musical acts make their way down to the coast to play in the concert halls and the casinos. The Mississippi Gulf Coast hosts one of the countries most successful custom car shows during the summer. Scrapin the Coast brings tourists from all over to look at and present these modified works of art. If you are looking for another experience, you can find a handful of events more suitable to your taste. One of my favorite events is the amazing firework displays on the 4th of July, the lights in the sky reflecting on the water just paints the ultimate picture.


One of the biggest reasons the Mississippi Gulf Coast is thriving during the summer months is because of the great-tasting shellfish known as the crawfish. The crawfish boil is a sacred tradition for Southerners that most experience as many times they can during the summer; no one can get enough of the great tasting fresh water lobster. As soon as crawfish is in season, the demand for these tasty little mud bugs is in high demand. Attending a Southern crawfish boil during the summer should be a pilgrimage experienced by all; the hot sun, spicy crawfish, good friends, and cold beer is something everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. Not only are crawfish good to eat but they are also good for the economy and pocketbook of the fisherman along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


The Mississippi Gulf Coast is a thriving meca during every season, but during the summer months, however, it is especially fantastic. There is never a dull moment on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The amazing shops and restaurants can keep you busy during the day and the many casinos and bars are key components to a night on the town. The Mississippi Gulf Coast always has some form of event going on that is always fun for the whole family. Last but not least, the crawfish on the Mississippi Gulf Coast are the greatest aspect of the summer.


Artist in Bay St Louis: Korey Burrell

Korey Burrell is one of my favorite artist in the Bay St. Louis area. His talented and inspired music is truly the definition of a generation. Listening to Korey’s solo project, Bear The Gentlemen, you are brought back to a simpler time, a time when you are fifteen years old, running the streets with your best friends, learning lessons everyday and not realizing that your choices are making you into who you will be in the future. This amazing artist and friend is one of my biggest influences in my personal and musical life. Korey’s indie style has folk and progressive undertones which he blends perfectly together. His lyrical writing style, in my opinion, is unmatched by any other local artist.

Korey Burrell began learning to play the guitar at the age of thirteen when he enrolled in lessons. After Hurricane Katrina hit, he took it upon himself to learn guitar on his own. Korey moved to the Gulf Coast in early 2007 where he still lives today. Korey has never stopped progressing as a musician. He has always been active with his fan base, eagerly answering questions, and is always trying to make an impression on his fans, always trying to help others even when there is no personal gain. Korey has been featured as the singer and guitarist in many local bands throughout the South but has always kept his eye on his main focus, Bear The Gentlemen. His solo project draws influences from artists such as Anthony Green, Dear Hunter, This Town Needs Guns, and his friends and family.

Bear The Gentlemen’s newest ep Younger Years features a four- song playlist all about his life in Bay St Louis. This ep is inspired by his friends and the adventures we had and the hardships of not only growing up but growing apart. This album is a tribute to what it feels like watching your friends get married, start families and have a real job. Korey lays it all out, spilling his feelings of growing up on this album. The title track, Younger Years, is one of the most powerful songs on the ep. When listening to this song, I’m personally brought back to the times we all had together where there was no responsibility and life was just a big adventure with the best friends you could ever have.

In 2013 Korey Burrell took his Bear The Gentlemen act on the road in his first-ever tour that he booked himself. The “I Wish I was a Lumberjack” tour was a huge success for Bear The Gentlemen spreading his music. The tri-state tour featured his music in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama for one week of constant music. Since then Korey has begun writing more music and preparing for more performances in the near future. You can find Korey’s Bear The Gentlemen’s music on On this site you can listen to and purchase a digital download of his album Younger Years for $4.00 total or more if you are feeling generous. You can also find him on


In closing, Korey Burrell is one of Bay St. Louis’s most talented musicians. His skill in music, writing, and all- around attitude towards his fans make him the perfect candidate for the Coastal 90 Artist of the Month. Please go check out his music and feel free to ask him questions or leave comments on Facebook. He is always there to talk to his fans.

Gnats on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Gnats along the Mississippi Gulf Coast are a major problem that most citizens encounter every day. These small fruit flies are commonly mistaken as baby insects, but in actuality, they are full- grown adults. These annoying insects are one of the Gulf Coast’s worst insects. There are a few ways to prevent gnats. Everyone on the Gulf Coast has experienced their fair share of aggravation with them. With a little bit of research, we can find many solutions of preventing and stopping gnats. Identifying a gnat infestation is fairly easy; all it takes is seeing a swarm of adults flying around. However, there are many ways to get rid of gnats quickly.


Gnats can develop in wet soil, so the best way to stop the invitation is to find any plants with wet soil and allow them to dry out. This will prevent the gnats from being able to reproduce, stopping the infestation. Gnats can also survive on fruit; the best way to prevent this is to keep your fruit in your refrigerator. Gnats are a pest by any means and should be dealt with and stopped any way possible. Some even say pouring vegetable or olive oil in your kitchen sink will get rid of the problem.

Using bug spray can keep gnats away from you when outdoors. Gnats can bother anyone, so being prepared is always a good thing. Bug spray will not kill the gnats, but it will keep them from swarming around your face. Bug spray can be used for instant gratification, but for a long-term solution, you should follow the instructions from the paragraph above. Gnats have always been an issue for those of us living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and we should research a much more permanent solution. I can personally think of several occasions in which gnats have disrupted and aggravated me.

I remember when I was younger and playing baseball, several times gnats would swarm the field we were playing on. One night the swarms were so bad I remember a gnat flew into my eye, causing me to miss a pop fly in the outfield. We used to hold our gloves up in the air to try and keep the gnats away from our faces. Maybe one day we will have a solution to stop the gnat infestation that bothers our Southern way of life here along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Gnats have pestered us as a society for far too long, and it is time we seek out a permanent solution to stopping the gnats’ population growth. We have discussed some methods in this article that can remove gnats from your home and even some that will prevent them from breeding in your home. We have also brought up short-term solutions such as bug spray, but there is no permanent solution to the gnat problem, outside of calling an expert. A certified bug exterminator can set you up on a permanent maintenance solution. We have several great local companies on the Mississippi Gulf Coast such as Harvard Pest Control.

The Impact of William Faulkner

William Faulkner is one of, if not the greatest, writers of all time. Faulkner was born September 25, 1897 and was raised in the lovely state of Mississippi. He died at the age of 64 on July 6, 1962. His works are recognized for their in-depth characters and hidden meanings. William Faulkner’s writings received many prestigious awards during his lifetime including a Nobel Peace Prize. Faulkner is revered as one of the greatest writers in American and Southern literature. William Faulkner is still one of the most influential writers of our culture. His works are studied by everyone from college freshman to professors in literature. Faulkner can be read and understood by anyone.

During his early life, William Faulkner moved from Albany, Mississippi to what would become his final resting place of Oxford, Mississippi. He was the oldest child and certainly the most creative. Faulkner began writing and drawing at a very young age because he became bored with his education. Life in Oxford for Faulkner, in my opinion, is the reason he became the writer he was. Some of his greatest achievements in life happened in this town in North Mississippi.

 William_Faulkner_1949William Faulkner’s life was not all positive–to begin with, he did not graduate from high school. He was also turned away from the military for not meeting the height requirement. Faulkner went on to become a student at the University of Mississippi. Even though he did attend the University of Mississippi in Oxford, Mississippi he only stayed for three semesters before dropping out. William Faulkner’s biggest flaw was his crippling addiction to alcohol. His substance abuse might have been the inspiration for some of his works, but at what cost. Faulkner’s alcoholism took its toll on his body and mind slowly killing him.

For me, personally, William Faulkner’s best work is “A Rose for Emily.” “That Faulkner brings life to the reader with the pages of this story is ironic. The deep-seated emotional problems that the reader can see in the character Emily have been the topic of many literary debates. With a quick read through “A Rose for Emily”, the reader will become concerned with her behavior. Once you pick up “A Rose for Emily” you will not put it down, and you will search for someone to discuss your own diagnosis of her character.

William Faulkner is an award-winning writer; he is recognized for his amazing adaptations of American and Southern literature. In 1949 William Faulkner was awarded with the Nobel Prize for literature but did not receive the award until 1950. During his acceptance speech Faulkner took the time to address the younger generation of writers, “by using this moment as a pinnacle from which I might be listened to by the young men and women already dedicated to the same anguish and travail, among whom is already that one who will some day stand here where I am standing.” If Faulkner did anything that was to inspire, it was surely the quotation above. Instead of patting himself on the back, he took his time of recognition to inspire the younger generation.

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.” William Faulkner might not have been the greatest of all time but he was one of the most influential writers we have known. His lack of education and his substance abuse did not hinder him from achieving immortality with his literature.

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