Bay St. Louis Street Lights

Iconic Bay St. Louis street light as moon rises over the Gulf of Mexico.

Bay St. Louis street lights are now up all along Main Street in the Bay. They are installed around much of the town. These street lights are often decorated with lanterns and other items to really bring out a festive environment in the city.

Bay St. Louis is located on the Bay of St. Louis and the Gulf of Mexico. It is a scenic beach town next to Waveland, Mississippi.

Stop by the beach front and overlook the water from a popular hangout like The Blind Tiger or grab a scone at Serious Bread and stroll through the city.  The Bay, as locals call it, has great bike paths and a great line of shops on Main Street. There are several oaks on Back Blvd  that have been carved into statues. Many tourist stop for short weekend visits and enjoy walking around around sunset.







Kayak Fishing in Gulfport

Hopping in your Kayak along the Coastal90 highway in Gulfport Mississippi can be an Angler’s dream. The Gulf of Mexico offers some of the best fishing in the world. Along the easy access beaches of Gulfport, a kayak can be launched with ease. Fishing spots along the beach can provide easy access to Red Fish, Spekled Sea Trout, Black Drum, Sheepshead, and Flounder. The Gulf is full of a variety of species. In fact I have caught stingrays and sharks in my kayak.

Go prepared to catch anything. Remember to wear a life jacket and follow the weather closely. A kayak is a small boat and weather can really play havoc on your ability to fish and be safe.

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Kayak Fishing in Biloxi

Biloxi Mississippi in nestled right on the warm Gulf of Mexico waters and is a perfect spot for Kayak fishing. Launching is as simple as pulling up to one of many parking spots on the side of Highway 90 or the back bay. Launch and immediately begin using your Kayak to dominate the local flounder, speckled trout, red fish and even spanish mackerel.

Fishing in a kayak is both fun an rewarding. it is a great way to be a little closer to nature and can provide great excitement for avid anglers. The first time you hook into a bull red and cruise around under the fish’s power, YOU will be the one hooked for sure!

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